April 12, 2016

Homes For All – Pittsburgh is a new group that has formed to work for housing justice and affordable housing on a city-wide basis. We believe housing is a basic right that everyone deserves, and a livable city is a just city, a place that values all its residents rather than only those in the top economic brackets. As Pittsburgh’s new-found economic growth is rapidly changing the city and pricing long-term residents out of their homes, we demand that city officials be proactive in ensuring that affordable housing continues to be available in all the city’s neighborhoods. We believe that in Pittsburgh, housing justice is deeply intertwined with long-standing racial inequities, and we demand that city officials immediately halt racially unjust policies that are driving African-American residents out of the city. Many city resources now go to developers in the form of subsidies and tax breaks; we believe these public resources should be for public benefit, not just hand-outs to the one percent.

Homes For All – Pittsburgh is an affiliate of the national Homes for All campaign of the Right to the City Alliance.

Polices we support:

  • Hire Local contractors to rehab our existing housing stock instead of funding big developers
  • Require replacement housing to be built before existing affordable housing is removed
  • Make eviction without just cause illegal
  • Give tenants the right and ability to purchase through subsidies
  • Support the Community Land Trust
  • Institute Community Benefits Agreements that prioritize existing residents’ needs
  • Stop using public money to benefit private developers
  • Prioritize Extremely Low Income families (people earning at or below 30% AMI)
  • Mandate Permanent Affordability for new affordable housing developments