Continue the fight for Penn Plaza Residents!

Thank you so much for supporting the rally for Penn Plaza residents and for fair and affordable housing in Pittsburgh!

With about 100 supporters at noon on a Tuesday (!), we demanded that they city take action to support the remaining residents and we got the ball rolling!

Check out the WESA coverage and the PPG Coverage!

But the fight isn’t over yet, and the March 31st eviction deadline is still looming.

Here are several ways that you can take immediate action:

1. Register to come to a Housing Justice Supporter Training this Saturday, Feb. 25th, from noon to 2pm.

2. Sign up to volunteer to help Penn Plaza residents

3. Call Whole Foods regional President Scott Allshouse and let him know that Whole Foods shouldn’t support the displacement of Penn Plaza Residents!

 – Please ask Whole foods to return the repeated calls of Randall Taylor at 412-407-3358

  -Whole Foods is an anchor piece  of the redevelopment of Penn Plaza and should not be involved in the displacement of family and low income residents of East Liberty.   

  -Businesses that do not act responsibly toward the development of neighborhoods do not deserve to be supported. 

 – You can reach the mid-Atlantic regional headquarters and leave a message for Scott Allshouse by calling 301.984.4874  (and if you feel up to it call Annie Cull, Whole Foods press contact, 301.998.6872)

Please reply to this email if you have any questions!


Homes for All PGH